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ASL Request established in 2013 and incorporated in March of 2017 in Maryland as a LLC is managed by Brian Ambrose who is a certified self-employed hearing interpreter. 

Since 2013, Brian along with an ever growing group of Certified Contractors have provided over 12,500 direct service hours. Each member of the team is highly qualified with a combined total of 300+ years of service (an average of 20 years each). (see meet the team)

The team has been built networking with interpreters focusing on a balance of skill in the disciplines of Medical, Legal, Mental Health, Education, Performing Arts and Social Services. Most of the interpreters also work for agencies providing countless hours of work in the government sector.

Career experience includes positions as Staff Interpreters, Managers and Mentors in large agencies. Extensive, varied experience allows for the absolute best in procedure, policies and challenge resolution while maintaining cost controls.

In the field, the direct service providers (interpreters) while representing ASL Request, are Independent Contractors requiring a minimum of support from administrators at the office or from the customers. Maintaining a small pool of exceptional interpreters allows for the highest quality, consumer focused, agile scheduling methodology.


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ASL Request provides the best match, and usually the consumer requested interpreter while managing overhead costs through modern technology and skilled contractors to keep prices affordable and below industry market.
Growth of any qualified agency is inevitable. Maintaining quality during that growth is more challenging. Always keeping the Deaf consumer in focus is the guiding principle as we grow.